50% Exchange Discount Scheme!

As an alternative to repairing a faulty product (Motion Coordinators, CAN I/O, EtherCAT I/O) Trio Motion Technology offers a 50% Exchange Discount Scheme. This offer is not for general purchasing but is intended as an alternative to repair, for devices that were originally shipped between two years ago but less than 5 years ago, hence the following…

  1. One faulty unit is exchanged for one new unit, with up to a 50% discount, complete with a two-year warranty.
  2. The replacement must be the same model and part number as the faulty unit, subject to product availability, and not previously supplied as a 50% exchange unit.
  3. The scheme does not apply to products previously returned for repair and found to be beyond economical repair.
  4. We require the serial number of the faulty product to check if the scheme applies.
  5. A purchase order is required stating the serial number of the faulty controller to be replaced under this discount scheme.
  6. Proof that the faulty product has been destroyed prior to sending a replacement is required. This can usually be achieved by sending a photograph showing the serial number of the product with a hole drilled through the processor/PCB.
  7. Any Feature Enable Codes present on the faulty controller will be provided free of charge on the replacement product.

For further information on Trio Motion Technology products call Trio’s only UK solutions partner  on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk.


The use of this news article and images came with permission from Trio.