Akribis – DGH Series – Linear Motor Stage

DGH Linear Motor Axis for Highest Precision Applications

The DGH linear motor stage has a similar design and dimensions to our DGL series, but with improvements that take the stage to even higher precision performance. Improvements include advanced manufacturing methods and higher precision components that combine to provide higher performance specifications.

This linear motor positioning stage shares a similar design and dimensions to our DGL Series, but with enhancements that push the stage to even higher precision capabilities. The enhancements include advanced fabrication methods and higher precision-grade components which, taken together, allow the stage to achieve higher performance specifications. The stage design also includes advanced safety features to prevent damage to both the stage and any surrounding mechanics in a machine.

  • Linear motor positioning system
  • Suitable for sub-micron precision applications
  • UL certified electronic components and cabling
  • Advanced safety design features

Applications and Industries
This linear motor stage module is desirable for point-to-point motion control and velocity control in applications where accuracy is critical, such as high-speed pick and place, inspection, scanning, dispensing, printing and laser marking machinery as well as general industrial machines and equipment.