Akribis – SGL Series – Linear Motor Stage

Our linear motor axis SGL has a guide rail, a position measuring system and a motor (ironless). Standard stroke starts at 100mm and ends at 1.000mm. The SGL axes is characterised by its compact profile design and is therefore ideally suited for applications where space is limited.

SGL Series linear motor positioning stages integrate a linear guide, user-selectable cogging-free AUM ironless motor, feedback encoder and aluminum cover to create a compact, high-performance module. Peak force capabilities range from 176 to 433 Newton, and standard strokes range from 100 to 1,000 millimeters.

  • Zero cogging
  • High speed and acceleration
  • Repeatability up to ⨦2 micrometers
  • High precision and precise homing
  • Low velocity ripple
  • Suitable for low-profile applications

Applications and Industries
This linear motion stage is suitable for light load applications requiring fast, micron-level precision positioning within confined spaces. Examples include electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, solar PV, lithium battery and LCD applications. It can also be used in industrial printer and laser manufacturing applications with harsh trajectory following and velocity ripple requirements.