RTA Stock

Please contact sales on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk for delivery and availability. (Stock is subject to availability, last updated April 2024)

Part Number Manufacturer Description Qty Stock Code
A-CSD 92 RTA Stepper Drive 1 X19016
A-2CSD 94 RTA Stepper Drive 3 X18727
ADW 96 RTA Stepper Drive 1 X22383
A-N2DC 96 RTA Stepper Drive 1 X18551
CVM/78/100 RTA Motor Cable 5 X19819
CVMRMPM03M RTA Motor Cable 2 X22385
RM3R1M RTA Size 86mm stepper motor 2 X22384
SP26 RTA Transformer 6 X22212
X PLUS MT S4 RTA Stepping Motor Drives 2 X22054