Kollmorgen Stock

Please contact sales on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk for delivery and availability. (Stock is subject to availability, last updated Jan 2023)


Part Number Manufacturer Description Qty Stock Code
AKM21C-ACD2CA00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor with Brake 6 X19633
AKM22C-ACD2CA01 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor with Brake 2 X18305
KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 1 X20231
AKM31C-ANDNCA00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 1 X19805
AKM41C-ANDNCA00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 2 X18768
AKM41E-HN9NGF00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 1 X21864
AKM54P-ACCNC-00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 1 X19890
AKM54P-ANCNC-00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 3 X20248
AKM63K-AND2GF00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 4 18189
AKM64Q-ACCNC-00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 1 X19891
AKM65P-GCD2CA00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 1 X18327
AKM73L-ANC2LB00 KOLLMORGEN Servo Motor 2 X17155
CCJ1A2-015-005-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 5m 4 X18374
CCJ2A1-015-003-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 3m 7 X19682
CCJ2A1-015-004-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 4m 9 X18461
CCJ2A1-015-005-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 5m 2 X18462
CCJ2A2-015-003-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 3m 3 X18283
CCJ2A2-015-004-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 4m 1 X18306
CCJ2A2-015-005-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 5m 1 X18307
CCJ2A2-015-020-00 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 2m 1 X21753
CFD1E1-002-001-00 KOLLMORGEN Feedback Cable 1m 4 X20216
CFR0A3-002-003-00 KOLLMORGEN Feedback Cable 3m 3 X18558
CFS0A1-002-001-00 KOLLMORGEN Feedback Cable 1m 2 X17550
CFS0A1-002-002-000 KOLLMORGEN Feedback Cable 2m 2 X19881
CFS0A2-002-002-00 KOLLMORGEN Feedback Cable 2m 3 X21397
CM01A1-010-006-00 KOLLMORGEN Motor Cable 6m 1 X14814
CM01A1-015-020-00 KOLLMORGEN Motor Cable 20m 2 X20770
CM01A2-015-060-00 KOLLMORGEN Motor Cable 60m 5 X21029
CM11A1-015-004-00 KOLLMORGEN Motor Cable 4m 1 X19106
CM12A2-015-060-00 KOLLMORGEN Motor Cable 60m 7 X21027
GW00006 KOLLMORGEN Connector 179 X11047
H2-11-015-B1-00-003000 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 3m 2 X20553
H2-12-015-B1-00-005000 KOLLMORGEN Hybrid Cable 5m 4 X21615
HG602PS KOLLMORGEN Shaft Seal AKM2 & AKM3 Motors 3 X18571
KSM0000-9 KOLLMORGEN T Bus Connector 7 X19996
KSM100-1 KOLLMORGEN Safety Controller 1 X19845
KSM122 KOLLMORGEN Safe Encoder Module 2 Axis 2 X19846
M063-TE09 KOLLMORGEN Stepper Motor 3 X13227
P22NRXC-LDN-NS-00 KOLLMORGEN Powermax Stepper Motor 2 X20428
S30101-PB KOLLMORGEN Servostar 341CAN with profibus 1 X19488
S30301-PB KOLLMORGEN Servostar 343CAN with profibus 1 X19489