Akribis – DGL Series – Linear Motor Stage

Our linear motor axes DGL has two guide rails, a position measuring system and a motor (ironless or iron-core). Standard stroke starts at 100mm and ends at 1.000mm. Due to the two guide rails, the DGL series is ideal for high payloads.

  • Optional with energy chain and cable
  • Optional water cooled
  • Optional stroke >1.000mm

This standard positioning stage harnesses Akribis linear motor muscle and features a compact size to offer a good force-to-size ratio. Its dual linear guides and feedback encoder deliver high performance and precise homing capabilities. An aluminum cover is included.

  • Linear motor positioning system
  • Compact size
  • Excellent force-to-size ratio
  • Precise homing

Applications and Industries
This single-axis linear motor stage is desirable for high-speed machinery such as pick and place, inspection, dispensing, inspection equipment or any other material handling or general industrial application where accuracy is critical, including printing, laser marking, machining and spot welding.