Akribis – ACR Series – Curved, Ironless Linear Motor

The Akribis ACR-series belongs to the ironless linear motors. The technology is characterised by no cogging force and low moving mass, which achieves an optimal smooth motion and highest dynamics.
Special feature of the ACR-series is the curved design, which can be arranged as a limited angle or as a 360° movement (see photos). Typical applications are rotary table applications with very low overall height and large hollow shaft.
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The ACR Series arc-type frameless motors incorporate a high-performance permanent magnet to deliver high torque in a low-profile, lightweight design. Their thin, curved shape with large center hole allows for arrangement in a limited angle or for 360-degree operation.

  • Ironless technology for zero cogging effect
  • Thin size and lightweight with a large center hole
  • Integrated Hall sensor
  • Motor coils include a temperature sensor
  • Limited-angle or 360-degree operation
  • Direct drive technology exhibits high torque
  • Multi-coil and multi-track configurations

Applications and Industries
High speed and precision machines for positioning, motion profile tracking, velocity controlling used in front-end and back-end wafer handling and inspection, photovoltaic and lithium battery systems, glass and LCD applications, biomedical equipment, printing machines, and laser processing machines.