Akribis – AUM Series – Ironless Linear Motor

Brushless, ironless linear motors in a wide range of sizes and thrusts   
The Akribis AUM-series are ironless linear motors. The technology is characterized by no cogging force and low moving mass, which achieves an optimal smooth motion and highest dynamics.
Typical applications for ironless linear motors are high-precision stages in combination with air bearing for optical systems as well as high-dynamic stages for microelectronics systems. They are also used in digital printing systems, laser applications and measuring and testing machines.
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AUM brushless motors feature our patented winding method that creates both a large continuous force and peak force. By using ironless technology, the motor does not produce cogging force, and it has a low moving mass. The result: exceptionally smooth motion and high dynamics.

  • Ironless technology
  • Zero cogging force and low moving mass
  • Low electrical time constant
  • High continuous force and peak force
  • Integrated Hall sensors
  • Motor coils include a temperature sensor

Applications and Industries
High speed and precision machines for positioning, motion profile tracking, velocity controlling used in front-end and back-end wafer handling and inspection, photovoltaic and lithium battery systems, glass and LCD applications, biomedical equipment, printing machines, and laser processing machines.