Heidenhain AMO – Incremental Angle Inductive Encoder

AMO – angle measuring encoders are available for outside scanning and inside scanning. Reference marks are integrated in the measuring ring and can be configured with just one, multiple, or distance coded.
There is an extremely wide range of applications for the AMO angular measuring encoders, ranging from precision rotary tables, medical applications, high-dynamic torque motors, spindles, to the toughest applications in the machine tool field, where precision and robustness are required.
For high accuracy applications, we recommend the angular measurement encoders with multi-head scanning.
Angular Measuring Encoders for outside scanning
Ring scales
Stainless steel ring scales or ring scales installed on hubs are available in a range of sizes, with hubs available in standard sizes. Ring scales can be supplied in any diameter with the circumference an integer of the scale pitch. Custom shapes and sizes are available.
There are a series of rings on hubs available in standard diameters. Any customer specific diameter design from 80mm to any size is possible. All flanges and measuring rings are offered in different accuracy classes.
Scanning head
The scanning heads are IP 67 rated and have a high degree of protection and immunity to contamination.
We offer the miniature scanning head with external electronics and heads with integrated electronics. Outputs are TTL (RS422) or 1Vpp Sine Wave.
Typical applications
  • Direct drive torque motors
  • Rotary tables
  • Rotary axes
  • C-axis and 4/5 axes on machine tools
  • Printing machines
  • Sheet metal and machine tool machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Robotic
Angular Measuring Encoders for inside scanning
Ring Scales
The AMO Ring Scales are made from stainless steel. There are an extensive number of ring scale sizes available, ask an AMO representative for a size that would fit your installation. Customer specific sizes in any diameter from approximately 160 mm up to several meters. All sizes of ring scales are available in the various accuracy classes. Installation is surprisingly simple, and robust in operation.
Scanning heads
The scanning heads have a high degree of protection and immunity to contamination, rated at IP 67. For small sizes there is the miniature scanning head with external electronics, and a larger sized head with the electronics integrated directly into the encoder head. Encoder output can be 1Vpp Sine wave or TTL (RS422).
Typical Applications
  • Direct drives
  • Round tables
  • Rotary axes
  • C-axis
  • Printing machines
  • Sheet metal working machines
  • Medical devices
  • Robotic
Angular Measuring Encoder with multi-head scanning
The AMO – Angle measuring encoders with multi-head scanning allow for circular and rotating axes enable absolute accuracy down to a few arc seconds.
Eliminated is the influence of an eccentric mounting on the positioning accuracy of the measuring flange, and the system accuracy of the measurement encoder is increased by at least a factor of two times better as compared with a one encoder head measuring encoder.
There are two types of measuring system:
MHS – Multiple Head Solution
The MHS – Angle measuring encoder consists of a measuring flange or ring scale, 2 encoder heads and the signal processing electronics unit. The dual head design eliminates the dynamic in-motion eccentricity effect as the axis rotates due to external side forces on the axis and increases system accuracy by a factor 2.



Modular Angular Encoders