Heidenhain RSF – Exposed Linear Encoder – MC

Increasing requirements in today’s motion control applications ask for high-precision exposed linear encoder systems. This is driven by steadily increasing demands for higher traversing speed, higher operating cycles, lower mechanical backlash and zero frictional force induced by the encoder. Only exposed, non-contact encoders fulfill all these requirements. Exposed encoders are optimized and commonly used in clean environments

MC 15 
Absolute exposed linear encoder
  • Serial interface: EnDat 2.2, BiSS C, Fanuc serial interface & αi interface, Mitsubishi high speed interface, Panasonic serial interface, Yaskawa serial interface
  • Avoiding referencing
  • Advanced operational safety
  • High permissible traversing speed
  • Small dimensions
  • No mechanical backlash
  • Zero frictional force
  • Wear-free operation
  • Max. measuring length: Steel tape scale 10000 mm