Precision, Power, Safety

We are introducing the X-Plus RS4 from RTA, a high power 110-230 VAC Step Direction Stepping Motor Drive


  • X-Plus RS4 is a new model of RTA flagship high-power stepping motor drive with Step & Direction interface.
  • The embedded Auto-Sync function with encoder enhances the drive features and optimizes the motor performances.
  • It is the ideal solution for advanced applications requiring high performances, high precision in the motor behaviour and accuracy in control positioning.


  • Embedded Auto-Sync function with encoder, featuring a closed loop positioning.
  • SIL3-PLe STO safety function.
  • Easy parameter setting via DIP switches.
  • Integrated system for back EMF energy dissipation with optional external resistor.
  • Advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Zero index searching function.

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The use of this news article and images came with permission from RTA.
RTA X-plus