It’s all about control. With the smart actuators’ onboard electronics allowing you to improve controllability, save space, and reduce installation time and total cost, a new world of interconnected possibilities awaits your machine designs.

As part of the Thomson Electrak® Modular Control System (EMCS), feedback options include:

Analog Position Feedback for Determining Position
A high-quality potentiometer with high resolution and low noise provides a voltage signal for exact position and direction feedback of the extension tube.
Available with the Electrak XD, HD and MD

Thomason Electrak HD and MD

Digital Position Feedback for Determining Position with Increased Precision
An encoder provides either a single- or double-channel pulse train for position and speed feedback, which can be used to synchronize actuators via a control system.
Available with the Electrak HD

Force Feedback for Enhanced Control Based on Set Load Parameters
This function transmits the force applied to the extension tube over an analog signal or as a CAN bus message. In force-sensitive applications, this feature will allow the system to measure the extension tube force in real time throughout motion, and can stop the actuator and engage the holding brake when the desired force limit is reached.
Available with the Electrak XD

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