When it’s time to specify a rotary motor, it can be difficult to find a unit that provides both high performance and value. Even if you find a motor with characteristics you require, it may not fit in designs with limited axial space. One way to overcome these difficulties is to choose a direct drive motor with a flat, pancake-style design. Akribis Systems’ AXD Series iron core motor is one such example, featuring exceptional torque performance that outmatches many competitive devices and delivers excellent precision at an attractive price.

The AXD motor uses direct drive technology, which means it connects directly to the load, incorporates a large number of poles and takes advantage of Lorentz force to deliver high torque even at low speeds. For example, the AXD torque ranges from 0.9 Nm continuous, 2.6 Nm peak for an 80-mm diameter unit to 250.6 Nm continuous, 648.9 Nm peak for a 400-mm diameter unit. These torque figures are exceptionally high for motors of their respective sizes, resulting in high torque densities.

They are also significantly better than many comparable units. For example, one particular AXD model exhibits 10.0 Nm of peak torque, which is 70 to 155 percent better than competitive motors of the same size, and its 3.4 Nm of continuous torque is 70 to 240 percent better than the same size competitive motor.

In addition to its torque characteristics, the AXD’s simple, direct drive design and flat construction reduce the need for gearing and other mechanical transmission components, thereby saving space to create a simpler, more cost-effective option than possible with traditional rotary motors. AXD Series direct drive rotary motors feature:
Akribis AXD Series
  • Brushless design. Electronic commutation offers greater efficiency, light weight and low noise due to fewer mechanical components.
  • Positioning accuracy and repeatability. An integrated encoder and bearing ensures greater positioning accuracy and repeatability, resulting in exceptional precision-to-price ratios. Encoder accuracy ranges from ⨦4 to ⨦12 arc seconds, and repeatability ranges from ⨦2 to ⨦6 arc seconds.
  • Smooth motion. The AXD’s low cogging torque provides smooth motion at low speeds.
  • A large center hole. The AXD’s large center hole offers ample room for wires and tubing.
  • Contamination resistance. Its features protect against contamination for greater reliability.
AXD direct drive rotary motors are well-suited for use with high-speed and precision machines such as conveyors and presses, and smaller models are appropriate for powering joints in robotics, pick-and-place machines and material handling and packaging applications.

A Perfect Option for Small Spaces and Budgets
Although your application may present space and budget limits, you can still achieve very high torque performance and accurate motion with the right motor. Our AXD direct drive rotary motors outshine similarly sized competitive motors, delivering smooth, precise motion while resisting contamination. These benefits make the AXD Series a cost-effective option that is perfect whenever you need a high-precision, high performance yet compact rotary motor.

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