Parker Origa

Parker Origa – HMR Series – Linear Actuator

Powerful series of electromechanical linear actuators driven by screw, toothed belt or linear motor, now available in 5 sizes: 85, 110,150, 180, 240 mm.

ORIGA HMR, Parker's new electromechanical linear actuator series does not only stand for very user-friendly flexibility with regard to their installation and mounting options. A range of fully integrated options such as proximity detection for limit positions and reference, position sensors, brake systems and impact protection as well as the retrofit covers for IP54 protection rating and externally accessible nipples for convenient, centralised lubrication also offer the user the security and reliability of a complete drive package with a linear actuator, gear and motor as a system solution supplied by one source.

With screw, toothed belt and linear motor, the HMR series offers three drive concepts, addressing all applications that require the speed-optimised movement of medium to large masses and forces in a steady motion profile and a highly accurate positioning.


HMR Linear Drive