Sanyo Denki

Sanyo Denki -106mm 1.8° Bipolar Winding, CE

The SANMOTION F2 is a 2-phase stepping system that provides precise positioning with easy control.
The typical basic step angle is 1.8°, and accurate control is provided by pulse signals.
The bipolar drive allows current to flow across both directions of the winding. The drive circuit is more complex, but it offers high torque.

Bipolar winding, Lead wire type, CE model


Model No Holding Torque at 2-phase energization Rated current Wiring resistance Winding inductance Rotor inertia Mass Motor length (L)
Single Shaft Dual Shaft N-m min. A/phase Ω/phase mH/phase x10-4kg·m2 kg mm
 103H89222-6341  103H89222-6311  13.2  6  0.45  5.4  14.6  7.5  163.3
 103H89223-6341  103H89223-6311  19  6  0.63  8  22  10.5  221.3