Thomson – MG-K (Movoparts) Slide Guided, Screw Driven Linear Units

Thomson’s Movopart® MG-K rodless actuator slides provide guided linear motion through a ball screw drive and a saddle that rides along the top of the actuator to carry the load. These units are designed with low cost in mind, high speed, thrust, and stroke length capabilities.

The Cover Band Stretcher extends the life of the cover band, which protects screw and guide from contaminants and eliminates the need to adjust the tension as it wears.

MG-K Feature Highlights:

  • Modular mounting feet
  • Limit switch brackets mount to T-slot
  • Self-adjusting stainless steel cover band
  • Multiple saddle sizes
  • Single and dual nut support
  • Load holding brake required
  • High moment loading
  • Wash down protection
  • Patented internal self-adjusting prism slide guides
  • Can be installed in all directions
  • Easy T-slot mounting
  • Wash down protection
  • Long travel
  • High speed


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