Trio – Flexslice Thermocouple Module (P367)

This module is sold boxed in units of 10 as P467.

The P367 Flexslice Thermocouple module has 4 thermocouple inputs, each digitised to a resolution of 16 bit ensuring flexibility in meeting the needs of a range of applications for temperature measurement such as the monitoring of hot melt glue in sealing applications.
The P367 clicks-in to our P366 EtherCAT Flexslice I/O coupler as well as our pocket-sized 64 axis Flex-6 Nano Motion Coordinator. The slice joins a wide range of existing I/O that facilitates numerous digital and analogue integration options.
OEMs can deploy centralised as well as decentralised control of up to 128 axes with our motion-first machine solution. Our distributed I/O allows local connection to sensors and actuators while maintaining real-time performance over EtherCAT.
The 4 thermocouple inputs are brought out to a single row push-in connector. A second single row push-in connector has 4 relay outputs for control of a heater or other switched load.


  • Use with Trio or 3rd Party EtherCAT Masters
  • High performance, flexible topology and simple configuration.
  • Bus cycle time synchronised with Motion Coordinator Servo Period.
  • Bus coupler module with 2 x RJ45 Ethernet ports for EtherCAT connection.
  • EtherCAT protocol remains fully intact down to individual modules using the E-bus system.
  • I/O functions tightly synchronised to motion using EtherCAT distributed clocks.
  • Automatic mapping to the Motion Coordinator I/O system.
  • DIN rail mounted.
  • Multiple practical push-in connector options – No break outs required.
  • Clip-together design with ‘quick release’ locks for mechanical integrity.
  • User labelling facility
  • Machine builder custom functionality options