Trio – MXM Servo Motor

The MXM range of Medium Inertia Medium Speed Servo Motors for the DX4 Servo Drive 1kW – 3kW range.

The MXM family of servo motors include solutions with absolute or incremental encoders, are suitable for application speeds up to 3000 rpm, include variants with an integrated brake.

Medium inertia allows fast response times and these motors develop a very high torque despite their small size. In combination with our servo drives, they are ideal for applications with high dynamic responses and fast and precise positioning.

Our servo drive systems can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to their high performance, available power range and compact dimensions.


  • 20-bit incremental or 23-bit absolute encoder option
  • IP65 rated
  • Oil seal as standard
  • Optional brake


Trio MX Motors & Cables