Trio – PC-MCAT-2 Software Integration Controller

P660 (2 Axis) | P661 (4 Axis) | P662 (8 Axis) | P663 (16 Axis) | P664 (32 Axis) | P665 (64 Axis)

Powerful, compact and flexible, the Flex-X Nano is an integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 Axes of motion. It is expandable through the matching Flexslice range of Input, Output and Axis modules.

P780 (Celeron) – P781 (I3) – P782 (I5) – P783 (I7)

PC-MCAT-2 is an innovative ‘Motion + PC Solution’. A choice of Intel processors (from Celeron through to i3 – i7) is used to drive both a high performance motion controller and a compact PC that can run user applications under Windows.
PC-MCAT-2 is especially suitable where a machine needs the software and hardware features of a PC, paired with a powerful 64 axis Motion Coordinator.


  • Motion + PC solution for Automation Machinery
  • Fanless Compact PC with a choice of processors
  • Up to 64 EtherCAT axes
  • Plug and play EtherCAT configuration
  • Built on Trio’s Motion iX advanced motion core
  • Programmable in Trio’s multi-tasking language or IEC61131-3
  • Shared memory API interface to allow PC side applications to interface with Motion-iX
  • RTX64 Real Time Extensions to Windows
  • 4 Gbyte DDR4 + 64 Gbyte SSD
  • Built in Gbit ports for vision cameras

Software Integration
Trio's next generation PC-MCAT-2 combines PC technology with the Motion-iX advanced motion core allowing PC applications to run alongside real-time motion control and deterministic EtherCAT communication.

Fast and Flexible
User programs can be written in Trio’s established multi-tasking programming language or industry standard IEC61131-3 using the powerful Motion Perfect application development software. Alternatively, applications can be written and executed under Windows and use a shared memory API to communicate with Trio’s Motion-iX advanced motion core, allowing maximum flexibility in application development.

Expanding the System
PC-MCAT-2 supports a wide range of communication ports including Ethernet (up to 1000Mbit), USB (3.0 and 2.0) COM ports (RS232 and RS485) and HDMI for connectivity to PC peripherals. In addition to the communication ports, PC-MCAT-2 has 16 GPIO points, 8 DIN and 8 DOUT.

Supporting PC peripherals and off-the-shelf Windows applications alongside Trio’s Motion-iX advanced motion core gives a high-performance flexible solution for applications where specific external devices are required (e.g. vision applications).