Wittenstein – HDP+ Hygienic Design planetary gearbox

Sterile, highly dynamic and outstanding positioning accuracy – the HDP+ gearbox from Wittenstein meets the strict hygiene requirements of production and packaging facilities. The gearbox in Hygienic Design not only offers you maximum safety against contamination-related product and process risks, but also guarantees maximum system availability and productivity.

Technical Data

Version MA
Ratio c) 22 - 55
Number of sizes  3
Max. torsional backlash c)  jt [arcmin] Standard ≤ 1
Reduced -
Max.  torque  T2a [Nm] 252-1121
Max. input speed  n1Max [rpm] 7500
 Torsional rigidity  Ct21 [Nm] 210
Max. tilting moment  M2KMax 1335


c)  Based on reference sizes