Wittenstein – TPC+ Bevel Gears

Wittenstein’s low backlash right-angle gearboxes with TP+ compatible output flange. With it’s short design in the axial plane the gearbox series TPC+ is used in compact machines. They especially convince in dynamic applications demanding high precision, torque and efficiency.

 Version  MF
 Ratio  i  4 - 20
 Number of sizes  5
 Max. torsional backlash  jt [arcmin]  Standard ≤ 4
 Reduced ≤ 2
 Max. torque  T2B [Nm]  48 - 2560
 Max. input speed  n1Max [rpm]  6000
 Torsional rigidity  nt21 [Nm/arc]  407
 Max. tilting moment  n2KMax [Nm]  3280