Akribis – XMGV Series – Voice Coil Motor Stages

The XMGV series is well suited for medium payload applications, meets high motion frequency requirements and provides smooth motion, even at low speeds. An integrated cross roller guide provides rigidity, accuracy and repeatability.

Well-suited for middle-payload applications, XMGV voice coil stages satisfy high moving frequency demands and offer smooth motion — even at low speeds. An integrated crossed roller guide ensures stiffness, accuracy and repeatability.

  • Direct drive technology
  • Integrated roller guide
  • Zero cogging, zero backlash ironless linear motor actuator
  • Strokes from 15 to 30 mm

Applications and Industries
These voice coil stages are desirable for high-speed machinery such as pick and place, inspection, dispensing, inspection equipment or any other material handling or general industrial application where accuracy is critical, including printing, laser marking, machining and spot welding.