Scanning Kart

Built to develop and test landmine detection sensors


The Scanning frame was built to develop and test landmine detection sensors. To do this the customer required a mobile gantry system that could traverse up to a 45Kg sensor over a 4 x 10 Metre sandpit, emulating the motion of a human operator.

Scope of overall contract
Design the mechanical and electrical systems to meet specification. Write software for the motion controller to enable the move profile it to be commanded via a PC.

Description of equipment and services supplied
The stroke of the kart and the fact that the Scanning Kart needed to be towed to various sandpits mean that a guided wheel driven kart with a purpose build cross axis provided the best solution. Both axes are driven by Parker servo motors and controlled by a Trio motion controller. An Ethernet connection allows move profile data to be sent from a kart mounted PC.
Before the Scanning Kart is moved to a new site, the cross axis is jacked up and over the top of the kart and a tow-bar hinged down and locked in place

Scanning Kart