XY manipulator rig

Used for renovation of Reactor Diverter Jig Tiles for RAL

Transportable, heavy working load, X-Y positioning workstation with manual pendant.’ Used for the difficult procedure of re-cladding the reactor Divertor jig segments. The Workstation provided an automated positioning aid for operatives dressed in protective suits and wearing gloves. Design scope needed to ensure ease of operation.

Scope of overall contract.
Design, documentation, construct, build electrical control, SWL proving at 1500kgs with movement. Unit required built-in transport castors with jacking facility. Activation of any load movement to be inhibited with castors deployed.

Description of equipment and services supplied.

Micromech Systems provided a complete turnkey design including operator training. The unit had to operate from a 110V AC ‘ Contractor’s power source due to it’s portable nature. Power was connected via an 8 metre SWA Mains cable. It was further required that the drive motors should be low voltage to comply with the CE LV Directive and Machinery Safety Directive. The 1500kg load was effectively manipulated with 24V DC Motors plus gear-heads using shaft power as low as 150 watts per axis. The low power capability provided a further level of operator safety assurance.
XY Manipulator