Trinamic Stock

Please contact sales on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk for delivery and availability. (Stock is subject to availability, last updated April 2024)


Part Number Manufacturer Description Qty Stock Code
PD42-1-1370-TMCL TRINAMIC Motors 2 X22809
PD42-3-1140-TMCL TRINAMIC PanDrive 1 X16213
TMCM-1160-TMCL CANopen TRINAMIC Stepper Driver Module 5 X16621
TMCM-1021-CABLE TRINAMIC Cable Set 4 X16278
TMCM-1260-CABLE TRINAMIC Cable Set 2 X20676
TMCM-6110-TMCL TRINAMIC 6-Axis Controller/Drive 1 X18748