Thomson – Compact Linear Systems

Take the guesswork out of specifying multiple components for your linear motion designs. Thomson compact linear systems address the need for thrust and bearing support in a single, small-scale unit for space-conscious applications. Whether you opt for one of our three standard architectures or work with our engineers on a “from scratch” solution, your application requirements will determine the selection and sizing of your system components.


Compact Linear System Highlights:

  • Choose from three standard architectures or build a "from scratch” system.
  • Mounting blocks can be machined to virtually any shape or size.
  • Virtual design consultations are like having a linear motion expert by your side as you build your solution.
  • Systems can be produced and delivered quickly due to back-end modularity processes being automated.
  • A 3D model of your system is made available to you in real time or typically within one business day.

Compact Linear Applications:

  • Medical devices
  • Security/Military
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductors
  • 3D Printers

Narrow Configuration
This architecture allows for a smaller footprint by vertically stacking the screw and profile rail bearing.

Wide Configuration
This architecture allows for a shorter system height by horizontally arranging the lead screw and profile rail bearing.

Round Rail Configuration
This architecture uses a dual round rail guidance system, resulting in a cost-effective solution capable of withstanding high moment loading.


Compact Linear Systems