Thomson – Electrak® 205 Linear Actuator

Electrak® 205 actuators feature multi-step positioning capability through a 10-turn potentiometer for precise feedback control when used with Thomson actuator control systems. With adjustable integral limit switches, the automatic shut off travel range can be easily adjusted. Fully gasketed housing and motor safety seals protect internal components from harsh industrial environments.

Electrak 205 Features

  • Stainless steel extension tube
  • Ball screw drive system
  • Electrical brake for accurate positioning
  • Motor with thermal switch
  • Adjustable end of stroke limit switches
  • Rear clevis for pin-to-pin mounting
  • 10K Potentiometer (385Ω/inch)
  • Universal mounting clamp for tube mounting
  • Metal spur gears for durability
  • Maintenance free


Electrak 205

CAD Model