Thomson – Electrak® PPA-AC Linear Actuator

Electrak® PPA-AC Performance Pak Actuators are strong, heavy duty units that can run at higher duty cycles. Incorporating a highly efficient ball screw drive system, these actuators are designed for mobile applications with a wide selection of options and standard trunnion mounting.

Electrak PPA-AC Features

  • Integrated motor capacitor
  • Trunnion to clevis mounting
  • Overload clutch for mid/end of stroke protection
  • Auto reset thermal switch for motor protection
  • Holding brake
  • Flying leads
  • CE compliance

Electrak PPA-AC Options

  • Hall effect positioning sensors
  • End of stroke limit switches
  • Encoder feedback
  • Potentiometer feedback
  • Protective bellows
  • Manual override
  • Anti-coast brake
  • Electrical brake


Electrak PPA-AC