Thomson – Electrak® LL Linear Actuator

Designed for long life, high duty cycle and the ability to work in the harshest environments, these smart electric linear actuators with brushless motors deliver bar-setting, world-class performance with 100% duty cycle and up to 600 km (375 miles) of maintenance-free life. The Electrak LL high duty cycle actuator is well suited for many applications – most notably mobile battery powered ones – that previously have had to employ more expensive and complex solutions.

Electrak LL Features

  • Long-life ball screw and nut assembly
  • Long-life ball screw and nut assembly
  • Long-life load-bearing design
  • Long-life manual override design
  • Efficient long-life brushless motor
  • Brushless motor drive system
  • Specially designed onboard control, meeting railway safety standards (EN 50155, EN 60077, EN 4554)
  • CE, RoHS, REACH compliant
  • UV-resistant surface treatment
  • Thomson Electronic Monitoring Package safety functionalities
  • High corrosion protection

Electrak LL Option Highlights:

  • LEX = Electronic Monitoring Package + low-level signal motor switching + external end-of-stroke limit switch inputs
  • All stainless steel external hardware
  • 4 kN at 30 mm/s or 6 kN at 15 mm/s
  • Up to 500 mm stroke length

Electrak LL Applications:

  • Pantograph control
  • Lifting and positioning in mobile equipment
  • Door, hatch and valve control
  • Picking, placing and sorting
  • Material handling
  • Conveyor control


Electrak LL

CAD Model