Thomson – Electrak® GX Linear Actuator

Electrak GX actuators utilize a robust screw assembly for applications requiring load capacities up to 2000 lbf (9 kN), while a wrap spring holding brake or an anti-back drive acme nut (depending on the load rating selected) holds loads in place when the actuator is not in use. The Electrak GX brings customization to the forefront with numerous standardized options for end mounting as well as many stroke length offerings to best fit your application.

Electrak GX Features

  • Stainless steel extension tube
  • Overload clutch protection for mid/end of stroke
  • Auto reset thermal switch for motor protection
  • Load holding brake with automatic activation
  • Rugged spur gearing
  • Lifetime gear lubrication
  • Self-locking acme screw design
  • Protective seal
  • Clevis mounting

Electrak GX Options

  • Potentiometer
  • Manual override
  • Alternate end mounting options
  • Connector options


Electrak GX

CAD Model