Thomson – MLSM (FORCELINE) Ballscrew Driven, Ball Guided Linear Unit

Thomson’s MLSM60D/80D (FORCELINE) positioning slides comes with a patented guide and screw support system. The guides are separated and positioned at a 45° angle to reduce the overall height. With its patented plastic cover band, these units can be installed in just about any direction.

MLSM Feature Highlights:

  • Can be installed in all directions
  • Patented guide system
  • Patented plastic cover band
  • Patented screw support system
  • Screw supports included in all units as required
  • Central lubrication of all parts as needed
  • 4 x mounting clamps included

MLSM Option Highlights:

  • Single standard carriage
  • Single long carriage
  • Double standard carriages


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CAD Model