Wittenstein – DP+ Planetary gearboxes for Delta robots

The Wittenstein DP+  planetary gearbox is designed especially for Delta robot applications. Several different versions are available for use in dry and spray areas. Apart from an optimized sealing system, this drive solution provides numerous benefits such as the higher dynamics in the version with an optimized moment of inertia.

Version MF MA
Ratio c)  i 16-50 22-55
Number of sizes 4 3
Max. torsional backlash c)  jt [arcmin] Standard ≤ 3 Standard ≤ 1
Reduced ≤ 1 Reduced -
Max.  torque  T2a [Nm] 50-825 315-1402
Max. input speed  n1Max [rpm] 7500 7500
Torsional rigidity  Ct21 [Nm] 180 220
Max. tilting moment  M2KMax 1335 1335


c)  Based on reference sizes