Wittenstein – RPK+ hypoid gearbox

The Wittenstein Premium planetary gearbox RP+, perfect for rack and pinion due to reinforced bearings and a special output interface, are now available in a right-angle version RPK+ with hypoid gearing. The axis offset of hypoid gearboxes allows both higher ratios in one section (ratio i = 3 – 10) as well as higher torques compared to bevel gearboxes.  The high torque density allows for an extremely compact, space-saving design. The mesh frequency and high torsional rigidity of the gearbox are also extremely impressive since they ensure a higher degree of positioning accuracy and extremely smooth operation.

 Version  MA
 Ratio  i  48 - 5500
 Number of sizes  4
 Max. torsional backlash  jt [arcmin]  Standard < 1,3
Reduced -
 Max. torque  T2a [Nm]  1100 - 10450
 Max. input speed  n1Max [rpm]  7500
 Torsional rigidity  Ct21 [Nm/arcmin]  1901
 Max. tilting moment  M2KMax [Nm]  34000