The new Trio motion controller with software integration provides complete machine control and optimises multi-axis motion coordination.
The PC-MCAT-2 motion controller, was launched at SPS, is based on Intel multi-core processors, running Microsoft Windows alongside Trio’s Advanced Motion-iX core.
The PC-MCAT-2 gives OEM machine builders a control solution that allows easy integration of Windows applications together with Trio’s renowned Motion-First Machine Automation approach.
PC-MCAT-2 features:
  • Powerful execution of Microsoft Windows applications for advanced machine control, with a choice of processors including a Core i7
  • Integration and control of virtually any peripheral device, via HDMI, USB, general-purpose digital I/O, and serial ports
  • IOT connectivity with three Ethernet ports, each with their own IP address
  • Coordination of up to 64 servo or robot axes with Trio’s high speed and precision

For more information on the Trio range email sales@micromech.co.uk or call 01376 333333.

The use of this news article and images came with permission from Trio.
Trio PC-MCAT-2